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Part No 2047

Part No: 2047
Description: Cleaning Scraper Flat
Application: All Models with Smooth Plates
Part No 2048
Part No: 2048
Description: Cleaning Scraper Grooved
Application: All Models with Grooved Plates
Part No 2049
Part No: 2049
Description: Serving Spatula
Application: All Models
Part No 2050/2051
Part No: 2050 or 2051
Description: Sandwich Spacer
Application: T10/T20 & CG use 2050
T1/T2 use 2051
Part No 2056/2057
Part No: 2056 or 2057
Description: Char Marker
Application: Silesia T10/T20
& Velox CG use 2056
Part No 2110
Part No: 2110
Description: Middle Frame
Application: Silesia T10/T20
& Velox CG Models
Handle not included see P/No: 2111