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Digital Timing
Digital timing controls minimise your energy consumption - the running costs are approximately ...
15 pence per hour for model CG-1S
30 pence per hour for model CG-2S

Steaks 2 minutes
Hamburgers 11/2 minutes
Hot Dogs 2 minutes
Chicken Fillets 11/2 minutes
Gammon 11/2 minutes
Kebabs 2 minutes
Chops (Lamb or Pork) 3 minutes
English Breakfast 1 minute

Fish Fillets 2 minutes
Kippers 2 minutes
Trout 3 minutes

Quick Eggs 3 seconds
Omelettes 25 seconds
Griddled Eggs 1 minute
Toasted Sandwiches 1 minute
Bacon 30 seconds
Crepes 15 seconds
Pizza 3 minutes
Garlic Bread 1 minute
French Fries (Frozen) 11/2 minutes

About the Grills ...

At Silesia Velox Grill Systems we stock an extensive range of Silesia Velox Contact, Panini Grills, spares and accessories. Silesia Velox High Speed Contact and Panini Grills remain one of the most popular range of contact grills available in the UK today.


Fast and Efficient ...
The Velox Grill takes approximately 6 minutes to reach cooking temperature from cold and its specially designed heating elements and cast aluminium cooking plates give extremely efficient heat distribution to ensure EVEN and SAFE COOKING.


Easy to Clean ...
The grill plate edges prevent excessive spillage. The adjustable feet, whilst keeping the grill level, will allow excess grease to drain in to a seperate, easily removable grease tray with a high splash guard. As an added safety feature, the drainer is situated at the back of the grill to enable hot grease to be pushed away from the operator rather than being pulled towards. The cooking surfaces can be cleaned with a cloth or metal scraper when necessary (see instructions) and are fitted with easily accessible side hinges for ease of cleaning.

Tastier, more succulent foods ...
Short cooking times, intense heat and direct contact from upper and lower cooking plates create a searing effect that locks in the natural juices, improving both taste and quality. Due to this cooking concept, meat shrinkage is greatly reduced and high nutritional value is retained,

Greater Versatility ...
Performs equally well with fresh or frozen foods. Rare, medium, or well done products can be cooked simultaneously. Allows the caterer to COOK TO ORDER a wide variety of foods without sacrificing the quality

Specially Designed ...
The special hinges allow lateral and vertical movement of the lightweight upper grill plates. This allows them to self-adjust to the product being cooked without the aid of springs or any mechanical device. The cooking surface is separated from the chassis allowing free air flow in order to keep the chassis cool. This in turn protects the accurate, easy set electronic timer, thermostat and electrical components from the heat. Silesia Contact Grills are manufactured for heavy duty restaurant work.